Social Media Platforms

Social media is the force in which the brands of the future are cast. Brand management on social media requires strategically balancing an ever-expanding array of platforms from stalwarts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, to burgeoning environments such as Snapchat. Given the variety of the landscape, BDM offers a wide range of social media options:

  • Full-Service: You’d like BDM to take over all of your company’s social platforms (strategizing, posting, analyzing, etc.) on a full-time basis. This also includes the creation of new platforms that the company is currently not on.
  • Part-Time: Your company is already very active on social media, but you’d like the help and new eyes. This package would include a detailed overview of how the accounts are already doing, strategize where they could go and the option of scheduling posts.
  • One-Off Consulting/Strategy Planning: You don’t need someone to post for you, but you’d sure love to improve on what you’re already doing. In several sessions, BDM will go over the dos and don’ts of social media and provide a written plan-of-attack for the future.
  • Monetizing Social Media Accounts: Are Facebook and Instagram ads making your crazy? You’re not alone. BDM is here to help walk you through the process, or schedule them for you.
  • Customized: Have something else completely in mind? We’ll happily work with you and your brand to customize a package that works for you.


  • Editorial Services: Don’t have time to publish content on your site or need help learning how? BDM is proficient in content management systems and we specialize in WordPress.
  • Analyze Numbers: PVs, UVs and VVs. You may have all the numbers, but if you want to utilize them to increase business, you have to know how to interpret them. BDM does just that, translating data from leading analytic software such as Google, Omniture, YouTube and WordPress.


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